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We're hiring! Click here to learn more about jobs at IES.
Internationella Engelska Skolan
(Photo) Lund
(Photo) Lund
(Photo) Lund

Photos: Annika Lind

Welcome to Internationella Engelska Skolan Lund

Our school is for years 4 to 9 and located in the beautiful S:t Lars park in Lund.

(Photo) Lund

School Blog

  • IES Lund winners in Spanish!

    IlCompetition is a language and culture contest which aims to enhance students' knowledge of modern foriegn languages. Around 27,000 students throughout Sweden entered the competition.

    In order to reach the final, each team needed first to qualify ...Read more

  • IES Stands Ready

    IES Stands Ready, school choice, school quota,

    What good news that the government has heeded our wish to make it possible for independent schools to receive Ukrainian students through the special quota. We at IES stand ready to do our part and add up to 500 students throughout our 43 schools within ...Read more

  • Gröna skolgårdsprojekt 2021

    Gröna skolgårdsprojekt 2021

    Vi har nöjet att meddela att Dr Wolf och Ms Olsson beviljats pengar från Naturskolan i Lund för att bygga en skolträdgård på skolan.

    Projektet kommer att involvera elever, personal och föräldrar och startar till hösten.

    Tillsammans främjar ...Read more