The house system at IES Lund

At Christmas 2018 we launched the house system at IES Lund after having had a vote amongst students and staff during the fall about the house names. Our four houses are named after ancient civilizations:

House of Vikings
House of Celts
House of Aztecs
House of Spartans

Every student and staff belong to a house and even if we change classes every year the student stay in the same house throughout all of the years at our school.

The purpose of the house system is to encourage full participation in school activities and to create respect and unity in our school. It promotes values of fair play and teamwork and it inspires students and staff into going the extra mile and to help develop the IES ethos across our school building.

Throughout the year we’ve had a lot of house events such as for example the world book day, “come to school dressed in your house colour”, running the Rynkeby race, chess competition and more. The house trophy is rewarded to the house with the most house points by the end of the school year. Winners of our very first house trophy in June 2019 was the house of Aztecs!