Our Story

In 2013 the work started to transform the old medical centre on Sankt Lars väg 90 into a state-of-the-art school building. Since we moved in, and the grand opening in August of 2014, the school has grown from three to fifteen classes, from two to four stories and the staff has doubled several times. The top two floors of the building are still being rebuilt with the plan to incorporate them in the study years of 2015/2016 and 2016/2017. 

The first floor
On the ground floor you'll find the lobby just inside the main enterance. To the left we've collected all the administrative staff in the School Office. This is also where the principal and the assistant principal have their offices. On the other side of the lobby we've got the Student Care Team with school nurse, counselor and career counselor to help our students when they need it. There's also an art room, a room for woodcraft and naturally our great dining hall that seats 120 people at any one time.

The second floor
Home economics, music room, a large conference room and the school library are all located on the second floor. There are four classrooms for years four and five and finally a number of teachers' offices.

The third floor
The laboratory, textile craft room and staff lounge are placed on the third floor. Another four classrooms and a bunch of teachers' offices along with our Junior Club are also here. During the ordinary school day the Junior Club is home to the students in junior school.

The fourth floor
On our top floor the senior school students usually hang out in the Senior School Common Room - the retreat where only the older students are allowed to enter. There are six different classrooms along with teachers' offices.

Find your way here
Internationella Engelska Skolan in Lund is located on Sankt Lars väg 90 in the northern part of the Sankt Lars park with Klostergården and central Lund at walking distance. The local bus number 6 stops really close to the school at the bus stop named "S:t Lars parkering" and a few minutes walking there's another bus stop called "S:t Lars trädgårdsgrind" that feeds regional buses to Malmö, Staffanstorp and other destinations.