IES Students Excel in Language Contest

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IES Students Excel in Language Contest

Winners: (L-R) Marc Tudosiou, Linus Widell and teacher Ms Dykes of IES Lund, following their victory in the IL Competition Spanish Contest.

Students from IES schools have shown that they can command more than the English and Swedish languages.

During the Swedish final of the International Language Competition, students from IES Karlstad took the first prize in French for those under 16 while the team from IES Lund performed best in Spanish.

The contest was held at the end of March at Malmö Latinskola and students were tested on their vocabulary, grammar and cultural understanding during the contest.  

Linus Widell, of grade eight at IES Lund, is one of the students who won the Spanish contest.  He said: “Speaking other languages is important because you learn about different cultures and you can communicate with people from around the world. Spanish is spoken by almost 500 million people so it’s a big advantage to be able to speak this language.  We are looking forward to the language trip to Spain that we won."

His team-mate Marc Tudosiou of grade nine said: “Our teacher said that we should enter the contest. We prepared at lessons during fall and then in week six we did the first try-outs.

“We all had to answer 80 questions online and we were the top two students in our class. We qualified for the regional finals and won and then went for the nationals.

"There were a lot of different questions and we had only 12 seconds to think about the answer so it was a bit stressful but also fun.”

The team from IES Karlstad took first place in the French contest.

Winner Adam Höög said: “Our biggest challenge by far was competing against Franska Skolan in the national finals. In the qualification tests that took place before the regional finals, Franska Skolan had an average score that was around 10 points higher than ours, so our hopes of defeating them and winning were low.

“To overcome this challenge, I made sure to study every piece of trivia I could think of in order to stand any kind of chance against them.”

His team-mate Isak Wikström had advice for anyone thinking of taking part. He said: “Focus a lot on the general trivia about French-speaking countries. A third of the questions are about trivia. Also be careful about trick questions where similar words are used, for example the French words for advocate and avocado - avocat and avocad. 

“Languages provide you with opportunities for future work in other countries and they open new doors to different kinds of knowledge. It is also really fun to learn other languages. ”

A student from IES Umeå, Michael Yates of class 8B, also took first prize in the contest for those with English as their home language (Modersmål). 

He said: "I speak English at home and it seemed only natural that I would take part. I thought it would be interesting to enter the competition and have a go, and it seemed like a fun challenge. I was very surprised when it turned out I had won, at first I didn't believe it. My family were very pleased with me, and quite proud."

Other IES schools performed well in the contest including a second place in German from IES Umeå, third in English from IES Linköping, and third and fourth places in Swedish from IES Hässleholm and IES Johanneberg.  IES Sundsvall came third in French, while IES Hässleholm came seventh.  The Spanish contest saw IES Gävle in third place and IES Hässleholm in fifth place.