Pythagoras Quest victory for two IES schools


Mathematicians (L-R): Marc Tudosoiu, Erik Bryland and Emil Scharin

IES students won the gold and silver prizes in national mathematics contest Pythagoras Quest 2019.
While the team from IES Lund won the contest, their counterparts from IES Uppsala took second place. Both teams recorded a perfect score until the decider question, when the fastest team with the right answer won.  On the day, that meant that IES Lund went home with the win.
Erik Bryland was part of IES Lund’s team for the third time. He said: “It feels really good to win, I have competed with five different people over the years. When I participated in seventh grade, we came fifth in the regionals, when I was in eighth grade we came fifth in nationals, and this time we won.”
"I think taking part three times made me more comfortable in the competition, maybe I can think more clearly when I am there, because I am more comfortable."
Marc Tudosoiu, fresh from his victory in Spanish during Il Competition, was also part of the winning Pythagoras Quest team. He said: “A challenge like this motivates you to study further, if you only stay at the level presented in class it is hard to develop your skills. This is why it is important to join these kinds of competitions as well, to keep yourself motivated to study more.
"We were expecting to be in the top three, we didn’t know we would be first, we knew the other teams were talented as well. We had met the team from Uppsala before the competition and they were very good at maths as well, so we were expecting top three but not first place."
The popular annual maths competition focuses on students working together in groups of three.  The competition sees students compete within their school to make the school’s team before facing off against other schools in their region.  The winning 16 teams are then invited to Malmö Borgarskola to compete in the national final.
The news was welcomed by Damian Brunker, head of academics and quality at Internationella Engelska Skolan.  He said: “We are delighted and extremely proud that our students have taken first and second place again this year. Commitment, hard work and grit have delivered results."
"We'd also like to thank the teachers who have provided the quality instruction required to help our students achieve these awards."
Erik and Marc had advice for anyone hoping to take part next year.
Erik said: “Look at old problems, there are a bunch of different contests in different parts of the world.”
Marc agreed: “We practiced on Fridays with past tests. Do many old tests, this competition links past tests on their website, it is always good to take a peek at them to know what it is about so you are more prepared."