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Students Soar at Eurovision Event

Students Soar at Eurovision Event

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Video of the winner's reprise: Ida Arnö from IES Bromma

As the dust settled on Eurovision in Stockholm and Ukraine started to plan next year’s event, IES students enjoyed their own music contest.

Arriving in Gävle from 15 schools throughout Sweden, students from as far afield as Lund and Sundsvall took to the stage hoping to win this year’s Internationella Engelska Skolan Modern Foreign Languages Eurovision Song Contest.

Students sang in Spanish, German and French, and were judged on their stage presence, musical performance and linguistic ability by an assembled panel of music and language teachers.

For the first year ever one school, IES Täby, entered a song through the medium of the Chinese language.

After the judges' deliberation, it was Ida Arnö from class 9F at IES Bromma who won with the song Je Vole, which she sang in French.

Speaking immediately after her reprise as the winner, she said: “It feels crazy because I never thought that I would actually win and I just feel very happy and surprised.

"The song is from a movie that I saw called La Famille Bélier. In the film Paula sang it and I thought it was a very pretty song and I tried to sing it and it fit my voice well.

"Music is a great way to learn a language, maybe a bit easier than speaking but you still get to practise, especially the pronunciation.

"I think it is really fun to meet people from all around Sweden and make new friends, and really fun to perform.  I think the other schools were great. They were really good. My favorite was the band from Hässleholm."

Supporting her at the contest was Ms Björk, head of modern foreign languages at IES Bromma.

She said: “This is absolutely fantastic and a great inspiration for next year and for all the students who want to participate next year.

"I think this competition has every kind of benefit you can think of, learning the lyrics and something fun for students as well, even if you sing a famous song, I think that is one of the best ways of learning a language."

Second Prize - The team from IES Hässleholm

Second place went to the team from IES Hässleholm, a new school which was competing for the first time this year with the German song Gelles Leben.

James Lu of year 7 was one of those involved, he said: “We became more and more excited as time went by and finally after seven hours on the train and a night at the hotel room, we were up on the stage, sound-checking. After our magical performance we felt really proud because we couldn't have done it better.

"We had listened to the other schools and we knew that they were very good so at the end of the night when we were on stage waiting for the host to tell us the results, we weren't too into it. When he shouted that we came second we all thought; 'well then, we are pretty good after all'. We loved the whole trip and had a lot of fun and cannot wait for next year."

The third prize went to a duo from IES Johanneberg in Gothenburg.

Ellen Hendar of class 9D at the school said: “It was a great experience and everyone was so good and I am so happy to be in third place. Everyone deserves to win."

Bronze for Johanneberg - Ellen Hendar and Anna Johansson

Her bandmate Anna Johansson added: "I feel infinite when I sing, I love it so much it is the best thing, it is my biggest hobby, I am going to music gymnasiet next year."

Ms Hevia, who is head of modern foreign languages at IES Gävle was one of the organisers of this year’s event.

She said: "I think it went really well it has been the highest quality of performances since we started it in Gävle.  Every year it is getting more difficult to win because of the quality, the students, the music, and it has been by far the best this year. Events like this encourage students to learn languages, because they know how good it is to come to this event.

"Thanks to everyone who has helped so much, you can’t do it yourself, not just our school but all the schools involved."

Bromma’s victory means that they will host the contest at the end of next academic year, with teams from around Sweden making their way to the school in the hope of lifting the trophy.

Internationella Engelska Skolan schools taking part this year included those in Hässelby, Hässleholm, Nacka, Bromma, Täby, Uppsala, Skärholmen, Borås, Eskilstuna, Johanneberg, Lund, Sundsvall, Gävle, Kista and Huddinge.

IES Lund tävlar i InnoCarnival 2016

IES Lund tävlar i InnoCarnival 2016

IES Lund tävlar med tio bidrag i InnoCarnival 2016. Tävlingen gå av stapeln på Malmö Live 20-21 maj. InnoCarnival Skåne handlar om barn och ungas tankar om vår gemensamma framtid. Eleverna har fått använda sin uppfinningsrikedom och engagemang när de har arbetat med vårt case; "Hur kan vi integrera flyktingar på ett bättre sätt". I InnoCarnival Skåne  är det fokus på de ungas visioner och deras lösningar att nå dit. 

InnoCarnival Skåne handlar om barn och ungas tankar om vår gemensamma framtid. Hur ser de på vår tids stora samhällsutmaningar?  Och hur vill de använda sin uppfinningsrikedom, sitt mod och engagemang för att blir medskapare av ett hållbart samhälle? I InnoCarnival Skåne är det fokus på de ungas visioner – men också deras konkreta lösningar för att nå fram dit.

International Language Competition

International Language Competition

Fina prestationer av elever från IES Lund vid regionfinalen av International Language Competition, 9 mars 2016.

På bilden ses tävlande för franska Isa Brandt och Beata Erici samt spanska Frida Michaelsson och Lucas Stridh.

The cafeteria taking shape

The cafeteria taking shape

As the builders are busy laying down the last bits of the floors 5 and 6 puzzle we would like to show you a little sneak preview: here is a photo from the coming cafeteria on floor 5 taken from inside the "bar" that will cater this amazing new hangout. (The big pile of things in the middle of the room are the still to be mounted doors for this floor.)

From the Principal

New year, new challenges

Painfully aware of how long ago it is since my last blog post, I know finally write. We are now well into the new academic year and the school has grown with five new classes. The initial difficulties with being more students and learning all new students how things work at IES  is now more or less over and we are steaming forward with full speed. We welcome a lot of new teachers to the school and of course we welcome back all the old teachers to. If we look back at the last academic year we can truly say that it was successful and we learned a lot, both students and staff. The results in the National tests for year six was very good;  98% C+ in English, 71% C+ in Swedish and 70% C+ in Mathematics ( third best school in IES in Mathematics) and is an inspiration for this year both in year six and year nine. We were also awarded an IES recognition for being the best school in IES according to the staff survey. This year we have also have the pleasure to harvest another great recognition from last years work. Charlie Malmqvist and Eric Portela of class 9A won the Swedish part of the Enlightening Imagination contest in science and technology and are going to the international finals in South Korea during the fall break. Congratulations and good luck. So with all these good example in mind, let us all go forward together and continue to improve our fantastic school.