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Open House 2014

It is due time to apply for a position at Internationella Engelska Skolan Lund! Therefore IES Lund invites all interested students and their parents to our Open Houses this autumn. On Saturday November 8th between 12.00 and 14.00 and on Wednesday November 12th between 18.00 and 20.00. You can come to our new school building at Sankt Lars väg 90 and meet students, teachers and parents. It will start with a short introduction by the principal at 12.15 on Saturday and 18.15 on Wednesday and then you can take guided tours around the building and meet with students and teachers. Our PTA will be represented in the Library and light refreshments will be served. Welcome!

From the Principal

At last a blog post...

It has been all to long since I had time to write a blog post and so many things have been happening. Rigth now I am sitting in my new office, looking out on our new schoolyard and enjoying the fact that we now are 295 students and over 30 staff members at IES Lund. After one and half month in action we are slowly setteling in and finding our way around the buildning. Still there are a lot of things to do before everything is in place but I do think we have the finest school in Lund. When I have finished writing this I will update the staff list on this website and then in the future try to write something every week if possible. So welcome and welcome back to IES new and old students and staff. What a wonderful year we have in front of us.

Information meeting 23/4

IES Lund invites all interested students and parents to an information meeting tomorrow at Helgeands församlingsgård, Nordanväg 11 at 18.00.

After the meeting we will visit the buildning site for the new school buildning.

From the Principal

Greetings from Canada

Welcome back to a new term with IES Lund. We have actually been working for more than a week and I have not yet met any students. Strange you might say but the reason is that I am currently writing this blog post in London, ON Canada where I am, as a part of the IES Canadian recruitment team. I arrived at Toronto on the 8th of January and spent my first week in there visiting and interviewing students from York University. Two days ago me and my principal colleague Ms Segerstedt drove to London and Western University and we are interviewing some really enthusiastic and well educated Canadian students from the Faculty of Education. Next year you will probably meet some of them in Lund as a part of the staff at IES Lund. Meanwhile in Lund, the rest of our wonderful staff is taking care of business. Ms Sundin has hosted our first host lecturer Dr. Kevin Fissum (a parent at IESL) who gave all the classes an introduction to nuclear physics. We are so grateful and hope that more parents will be willing to share their professional or personal passions and knowledge with us. The new building is coming along well. Right now it is mostly demolition work but soon the actual construction work will begin. Greetings from Canada!