Life at IESL

How is life at IES Lund?

Students from different year groups answered the question; How is life at IES Lund?

"Everyone is very nice and most people are trying to get everyone to like it here."

"It can be stressful, but interesting."

"I don't feel like we have any problems with bullying, but if there is a problem, we have staff that will help us to solve the conflict or situation."

"You will get pushed forward in a positive way all the time."

"You can always get help from all teachers, teachers don't get mad or say that they cannot help."

"It is interesting, all days are speciel, no day is like the other"

"The teachers have high academic expectations, witch makes it easier for the students to fulfil their goals."

"The school is very nice, you feel safe here."

"You feel special at this school."

"The teachers have real good training, and they have good information that they teach us."

"The school is improving all the time, teachers and students come up with new solutions all the time."

"Study hall is very good, you get good support and help."

"You are working with fun projects and learn more, you are not just copying the textbook"

"People are friendly and nice and they always try to make the best of the situation."