InnoCarnival - a great success for IES Lund!

InnoCarnival - a great success for IES Lund!

May 20-21th the finalists from IES Lund took off to Malmö Live to participate in the InnoCarnival Skåne 2016. It was truly a great competition, so well and nicely organized. The students from IES Lund were on their toes always ready to explain their innovations to the secret jury and to the visitors. On Saturday three of our ten participating groups were elected to the top ten finalists! Nervously the three groups prepared for their sales pitches from the big stage. Our students did really well, and after a nervous wait the results came up:

Class 6C won the fourth prize, which is a trip to Malmö Opera to see a show during the fall or spring.

Class 7A won third prize, which is a full creative day at Malmö Konsthall.

Class 7C won first prize, a trip to the Danish island of Samsö.

Click here to read more about the finalists and the competition.

Ms. Englund & Ms. Sundin who trained the students through this process was extremely proud of all participants.