Korea beckons for two students after engineering success.

Korea beckons for two students after engineering success.
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On Their Way: (L-R) Charlie and Eric with their wind-powered rice-crushing machine

Two students from Internationella Engelska Skolan Lund will face competitors from around the world when they represent Sweden in the Enlightening Imagination competition.

For their entry to the international maths and science contest Eric Portela and Charlie Malmqvist, from class 9A at IES Lund, designed a machine which can harness the power of the wind in Scania to crush rice, producing rice flour.

Their machine impressed the judges, who have now named them as the national champions for Sweden. 

Eric said: "I was in shock when they said that we had won, I couldn't think of that in the beginning, it was indescribable.  It was a good feeling though. Everything came out of my head from nowhere.  We didn't really have a plan from the beginning, but we had lots of inspiration from my parents, and our teacher Ms Sundin gave us some inspiration that we should use the powerful wind."

Charlie added: "It was a bit of work to build the machine, it took some time and thinking and it was a bit of a challenge.

"It is really exciting to go to South Korea, it is our first time to visiting Asia.  I am looking forward to the food. I haven't been there so I don't know a lot about it.  We get to stay there for a week.  The furthest I have been before is to Bulgaria."

As well as building their design the two students also produced a video about their device, in English, which they sent in support of their entry.

In picking the two Lund students to represent Sweden the judges said: "Their video and concept shows much appreciation for our Korean culture. They have not only shown effort to translate the material into English so that we could understand, but have also deeply researched into our traditional mill background and showed much creativity and intellect in their design."

The two students will now represent Sweden at the international event at Daejeon in South Korea during the autumn break, accompanied by Ms Sundin, academic manager for Internationella Engelska Skolan Lund.