New year, new challenges

Från rektorn

Painfully aware of how long ago it is since my last blog post, I know finally write. We are now well into the new academic year and the school has grown with five new classes. The initial difficulties with being more students and learning all new students how things work at IES  is now more or less over and we are steaming forward with full speed. We welcome a lot of new teachers to the school and of course we welcome back all the old teachers to. If we look back at the last academic year we can truly say that it was successful and we learned a lot, both students and staff. The results in the National tests for year six was very good;  98% C+ in English, 71% C+ in Swedish and 70% C+ in Mathematics ( third best school in IES in Mathematics) and is an inspiration for this year both in year six and year nine. We were also awarded an IES recognition for being the best school in IES according to the staff survey. This year we have also have the pleasure to harvest another great recognition from last years work. Charlie Malmqvist and Eric Portela of class 9A won the Swedish part of the Enlightening Imagination contest in science and technology and are going to the international finals in South Korea during the fall break. Congratulations and good luck. So with all these good example in mind, let us all go forward together and continue to improve our fantastic school.