What a Day

Från rektorn

There are certain days when you really know why you are a teacher or a principal. At Internationella Engelska skolan it is almost every day but some days even more. Last Friday was one. We had a fantastic grand opening of the school, sun was shining, students all looked very smart in their school polo shirts and we were visited by our founder and chairman Mrs Barbara Bergström,  her husband Dr Hans Bergström  and our CEO Mr Ralph Riber. We could also welcome representatives from Lunds kommun, principals from the other schools in the park and of course many of our parents. The school was officially opened by Mrs Bergström and then all the students sang the schools song. We marched with Alte Kamereren  at the point to our future building where we planted the apple tree that is the symbol for all our schools and then had a wonderful afternoon mingling and having fun. Thank you all for a great day. May it be the symbol of many more to come!