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Competition Winners' Trip to South Korea

Competition Winners' Trip to South Korea

Two students from Internationella Engelska Skolan Lund recently visited Seoul after their performance in problem-solving competition Enlightening Imagination.

This is an account written by Elisabeth Dierschke Passikhani and Alva Brant about their time in South Korea:

Our school IES Lund competed in the competition Enlightening Imagination at Vattenhallen. The task was to, using the material 4D Frame, build a model of something that would help the environment in any way. We built a machine that collects and recycles garbage from the streets or the sea, and we won! We then got to make a video which we sent to Stockholm, to compete against all the other winners in Sweden. We were very happy when we got the message that our invention won!

The prize was to travel to Seoul, South Korea, and compete in the big international 4D Frame Competition, IMSCC. There were four other teams from Sweden, so in total, there were 10 students and 15 adults.

During the first day, we got to visit the 4D Frame head office. It was really cool to see all the constructions and also meet the founder of 4D Frame. The next day, we got a chance to practice building a little bit before the competition. The task for the competition was to build a “roller coaster” for a marble, using a foam board as a base. It was a bit hard since we never had built using a foam board before, but we prepared as much as we could.

Then it was competition day! During the opening ceremony they played our video on the big screen four times! There were about 60 teams in our category. We sat on the floor and built for two hours. It was hard because it was so stressful, but it was also really fun. We got to work as a team and even though many of the teams from other countries had prepared and practiced much more, we did our best. We placed 12th in the competition, and won a bronze medal. Even though we didn’t win, we were proud!

The remaining days, we spent being tourists in Korea. We got to take part of the culture and see the capital, which was really cool and interesting. For example, we visited a palace, the Korean Folk Village where we took part of old Korean traditions, and the Samsung D’light exhibition. We also got to go up in both the Seoul Tower and Lotte Tower, which was amazing. The Korean food was very good but very spicy!

One day, we visited a Korean high school where we got to work in teams with the students and come up with inventions. It was really fun and we all learnt a lot, at the same time as we got new friends!

We were invited to dinner with some pre-school teachers, and another day with the founder of 4D Frame and the president of the competition. We were treated as VIPs and the Korean people were so nice to us.

Overall, we learnt a lot that we can take with us in life, for example we practiced our team working skills and working under stress. It was also an eye-opener to see how much you can do with 4D Frame, and we learnt more about technology. We got many new friends, both koreans and swedes from all over the country. We are really happy about the trip!

UN Day 2016

UN Day 2016
October 24 we celebrated our first UN Day at IES Lund. We started off with a great opening ceremony where the equal treatment group played a great part. Our students experienced a day with different workshops. Some students had the opportunity to meet our guests from the Unicef, the local UN organization of Lund, Lions, and The Swedish Armed Forces. We had a variety of workshops, almost like a "smörgåsbord" where our students got a chance in a greater understanding of the lack of clean water in the world. They played a game in how hunger affects many countries in the world. They also learned more about peace- and protest songs, different languages, UN, HIV-prevention, demining and how to solve conflicts just to name a few.
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InnoCarnival - a great success for IES Lund!

InnoCarnival - a great success for IES Lund!

May 20-21th the finalists from IES Lund took off to Malmö Live to participate in the InnoCarnival Skåne 2016. It was truly a great competition, so well and nicely organized. The students from IES Lund were on their toes always ready to explain their innovations to the secret jury and to the visitors. On Saturday three of our ten participating groups were elected to the top ten finalists! Nervously the three groups prepared for their sales pitches from the big stage. Our students did really well, and after a nervous wait the results came up:

Class 6C won the fourth prize, which is a trip to Malmö Opera to see a show during the fall or spring.

Class 7A won third prize, which is a full creative day at Malmö Konsthall.

Class 7C won first prize, a trip to the Danish island of Samsö.

Click here to read more about the finalists and the competition.

Ms. Englund & Ms. Sundin who trained the students through this process was extremely proud of all participants.

IES Lund tävlar i InnoCarnival 2016

IES Lund tävlar i InnoCarnival 2016

IES Lund tävlar med tio bidrag i InnoCarnival 2016. Tävlingen gå av stapeln på Malmö Live 20-21 maj. InnoCarnival Skåne handlar om barn och ungas tankar om vår gemensamma framtid. Eleverna har fått använda sin uppfinningsrikedom och engagemang när de har arbetat med vårt case; "Hur kan vi integrera flyktingar på ett bättre sätt". I InnoCarnival Skåne  är det fokus på de ungas visioner och deras lösningar att nå dit. 

InnoCarnival Skåne handlar om barn och ungas tankar om vår gemensamma framtid. Hur ser de på vår tids stora samhällsutmaningar?  Och hur vill de använda sin uppfinningsrikedom, sitt mod och engagemang för att blir medskapare av ett hållbart samhälle? I InnoCarnival Skåne är det fokus på de ungas visioner – men också deras konkreta lösningar för att nå fram dit.

International Language Competition

International Language Competition

Fina prestationer av elever från IES Lund vid regionfinalen av International Language Competition, 9 mars 2016.

På bilden ses tävlande för franska Isa Brandt och Beata Erici samt spanska Frida Michaelsson och Lucas Stridh.