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Från rektorn

Greetings from Canada

Welcome back to a new term with IES Lund. We have actually been working for more than a week and I have not yet met any students. Strange you might say but the reason is that I am currently writing this blog post in London, ON Canada where I am, as a part of the IES Canadian recruitment team. I arrived at Toronto on the 8th of January and spent my first week in there visiting and interviewing students from York University. Two days ago me and my principal colleague Ms Segerstedt drove to London and Western University and we are interviewing some really enthusiastic and well educated Canadian students from the Faculty of Education. Next year you will probably meet some of them in Lund as a part of the staff at IES Lund. Meanwhile in Lund, the rest of our wonderful staff is taking care of business. Ms Sundin has hosted our first host lecturer Dr. Kevin Fissum (a parent at IESL) who gave all the classes an introduction to nuclear physics. We are so grateful and hope that more parents will be willing to share their professional or personal passions and knowledge with us. The new building is coming along well. Right now it is mostly demolition work but soon the actual construction work will begin. Greetings from Canada!

Informationsmöten i November

Internationella Engelska Skolan Lund flyttar in i skräddarsydda lokaler på Sankt Lars väg 90 i augusti 2014. Då utökar vi också skolan rejält från tre klasser till tolv klasser. Är du nyfiken? Vill du vara med och bygga upp Lunds finaste grundskola? Är du beredd att utmana dig själv?

Kom då på något av våra två informationsmöten i november och ta reda på vad det innebär att vara elev på Internationella Engelska Skolan Lund. Träffa rektor, lärare, föräldrar och elever och ställ alla frågor som du har.

Den 9 november på Auditoriet, Sparta konferenscenter, Tunavägen 39, Lund mellan kl 12.00 och 14.00

Den 13 november på Palaestra et Odeum, Universitetsplatsen, Lunds universitet, Lund mellan kl 18.00 och 19.00

Informationsmötena är inte drop-in utan börjar på utsatt klockslag och sedan håller vi på så länge det finns frågor.


Från rektorn

The first seven weeks

Autumn is here and the mornings are getting chilly but the school is getting warmer and warmer every day. After seven weeks we have got to learn each other and all students have got used to the rules and the way we work. We have had our first parent meeting on September 25th which was a very pleasant evening, thank you very much all for the encouraging words and the fine cooperation we already have got between the school and all parents. Next week we will have the first meeting with the PTA and we are looking forward to that. Student council has also been elected and has as its first important task set new rules for the schoolyard and the playing ground. An important lesson I democracy. Well done students.

Från rektorn

What a Day

There are certain days when you really know why you are a teacher or a principal. At Internationella Engelska skolan it is almost every day but some days even more. Last Friday was one. We had a fantastic grand opening of the school, sun was shining, students all looked very smart in their school polo shirts and we were visited by our founder and chairman Mrs Barbara Bergström,  her husband Dr Hans Bergström  and our CEO Mr Ralph Riber. We could also welcome representatives from Lunds kommun, principals from the other schools in the park and of course many of our parents. The school was officially opened by Mrs Bergström and then all the students sang the schools song. We marched with Alte Kamereren  at the point to our future building where we planted the apple tree that is the symbol for all our schools and then had a wonderful afternoon mingling and having fun. Thank you all for a great day. May it be the symbol of many more to come!