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Från rektorn

First day of our school

Happy and a bit tired, I write this blog post at the end of the first day of IES Lund. At 09.00, our small schoolyard was full of young eager pupils and outside the fence stood some of their parents. After roll call we had a great introduction day. Everybody was exited and when the day was over we gave the parents a tour of the building. A special thanks to our colleagues in Gothenburg, Järfälla, Eskilstuna and Huddinge who sent such lovely flowers to us. Now we look forward to tomorrow…

Från rektorn

Opening ceremony

I am extremely delighted to announce that Mrs Barbara Bergrstrom and her husband Dr Hans Bergstrom will officially open Internationella Engelska Skolan Lund on Friday 23th August. Invitations has been sent to all students and parents and more information will follow in early August.

Från rektorn

Summertime is here!

This week has been filled with end of school activities. My daughter "graduated" from pre-school and will start year one after the summer. My former students at Carl Adolph Agardhgymnasiet are graduating today and Lund is filled with happy young people and at IES we are working hard with the preparations for the coming term and the opening of IES Lund. We have completed our staff recruitment and I am happy to welcome Ms. Liz Tumber from UK to our school. Together with Ms. Teri Sundin, Mr. Michael Neppelberg and Mrs. Hanna Ekstrand they will form a strong teaching team ready to welcome you in August.

Från rektorn

Looking forward to Sunday

After months of preparations, marketing and recruitment we all look forward to coming Sunday when we will meet all new students with parents and sibblings. It is time for the first IES workshop in Lund. With a little help from our frends in Halmstad and with all the present staff i Lund we hope to give you all a nice and sunny first day with Internationella Engelska skolan.

Från rektorn

A few seats left....

The sun is shining and admission is nearly over. We are awaiting a few more answers this week. There will be three classes during the first year. One in year four and two in year five. But we can still offer interested students a few places for 2013. Mostly in year five but one or two can also join year four. Are you interested? Call our secretary Ms Hägerklint.