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From the Principal

Winter is coming, but not yet...

When I for the first time in many months enter a blogpost the motto of House Stark in Game of Thrones comes to mind. Time flies and it is little over a month since we started the academic year 2017-2018. An intense but very energizing start to meet all old and new students. 

We have grown rapidly from three to twentyfour classes since 2013 but now we have reached our end state and can start focus on consolidating en developing the school at this size. A lot of new staff have joined IES Lund this year but with some few exceptions we have our old seasoned staff back and it feels very good to have that stability now when we are a big school. We will continue to focus on impoved communication, differentiation in teaching and we will work more with grit and growth mindset with our students

We are just finishing this years round of parent meetings. It is always a pleasure to meet all you parents and we are extremely proud of the outcome of last years survey where 98% of the our parents would recommend IES Lund to an other parent. We will continue to improve the school to meet your confidence in us. Winter is coming but we still have a beautiful fall and wonderful challenges lies ahead....

From the Principal

Summer is here

IES Lund have now ended our third year. A year full of har work but also great success. Class 7C won The InniCarnival competition and 7A came second with 6 C in a tied fourth place. Our team of Frida and Isa came on fifth place in the IES Eurovision song contest and our grade 9 Spanish and French team made it to the district finals in the language olympics. Overall excellent perfomances and especially our First grade 9 graduates who made good results in the National tests and also graduated with excellent grades that they should be very proud of, I know I am.

Our first gradauation ceremony turned out to be exactly the perfect mix between solemnity and bubbeling summer feelings. We congratulate all our graduates and we look forward to meet all new and old students again on August 19th

From the Principal

New year, new challenges

Painfully aware of how long ago it is since my last blog post, I know finally write. We are now well into the new academic year and the school has grown with five new classes. The initial difficulties with being more students and learning all new students how things work at IES  is now more or less over and we are steaming forward with full speed. We welcome a lot of new teachers to the school and of course we welcome back all the old teachers to. If we look back at the last academic year we can truly say that it was successful and we learned a lot, both students and staff. The results in the National tests for year six was very good;  98% C+ in English, 71% C+ in Swedish and 70% C+ in Mathematics ( third best school in IES in Mathematics) and is an inspiration for this year both in year six and year nine. We were also awarded an IES recognition for being the best school in IES according to the staff survey. This year we have also have the pleasure to harvest another great recognition from last years work. Charlie Malmqvist and Eric Portela of class 9A won the Swedish part of the Enlightening Imagination contest in science and technology and are going to the international finals in South Korea during the fall break. Congratulations and good luck. So with all these good example in mind, let us all go forward together and continue to improve our fantastic school.

From the Principal

At last a blog post...

It has been all to long since I had time to write a blog post and so many things have been happening. Rigth now I am sitting in my new office, looking out on our new schoolyard and enjoying the fact that we now are 295 students and over 30 staff members at IES Lund. After one and half month in action we are slowly setteling in and finding our way around the buildning. Still there are a lot of things to do before everything is in place but I do think we have the finest school in Lund. When I have finished writing this I will update the staff list on this website and then in the future try to write something every week if possible. So welcome and welcome back to IES new and old students and staff. What a wonderful year we have in front of us.

From the Principal

Greetings from Canada

Welcome back to a new term with IES Lund. We have actually been working for more than a week and I have not yet met any students. Strange you might say but the reason is that I am currently writing this blog post in London, ON Canada where I am, as a part of the IES Canadian recruitment team. I arrived at Toronto on the 8th of January and spent my first week in there visiting and interviewing students from York University. Two days ago me and my principal colleague Ms Segerstedt drove to London and Western University and we are interviewing some really enthusiastic and well educated Canadian students from the Faculty of Education. Next year you will probably meet some of them in Lund as a part of the staff at IES Lund. Meanwhile in Lund, the rest of our wonderful staff is taking care of business. Ms Sundin has hosted our first host lecturer Dr. Kevin Fissum (a parent at IESL) who gave all the classes an introduction to nuclear physics. We are so grateful and hope that more parents will be willing to share their professional or personal passions and knowledge with us. The new building is coming along well. Right now it is mostly demolition work but soon the actual construction work will begin. Greetings from Canada!

From the Principal

The first seven weeks

Autumn is here and the mornings are getting chilly but the school is getting warmer and warmer every day. After seven weeks we have got to learn each other and all students have got used to the rules and the way we work. We have had our first parent meeting on September 25th which was a very pleasant evening, thank you very much all for the encouraging words and the fine cooperation we already have got between the school and all parents. Next week we will have the first meeting with the PTA and we are looking forward to that. Student council has also been elected and has as its first important task set new rules for the schoolyard and the playing ground. An important lesson I democracy. Well done students.

From the Principal

What a Day

There are certain days when you really know why you are a teacher or a principal. At Internationella Engelska skolan it is almost every day but some days even more. Last Friday was one. We had a fantastic grand opening of the school, sun was shining, students all looked very smart in their school polo shirts and we were visited by our founder and chairman Mrs Barbara Bergström,  her husband Dr Hans Bergström  and our CEO Mr Ralph Riber. We could also welcome representatives from Lunds kommun, principals from the other schools in the park and of course many of our parents. The school was officially opened by Mrs Bergström and then all the students sang the schools song. We marched with Alte Kamereren  at the point to our future building where we planted the apple tree that is the symbol for all our schools and then had a wonderful afternoon mingling and having fun. Thank you all for a great day. May it be the symbol of many more to come!


From the Principal

First day of our school

Happy and a bit tired, I write this blog post at the end of the first day of IES Lund. At 09.00, our small schoolyard was full of young eager pupils and outside the fence stood some of their parents. After roll call we had a great introduction day. Everybody was exited and when the day was over we gave the parents a tour of the building. A special thanks to our colleagues in Gothenburg, Järfälla, Eskilstuna and Huddinge who sent such lovely flowers to us. Now we look forward to tomorrow…

From the Principal

Opening ceremony

I am extremely delighted to announce that Mrs Barbara Bergrstrom and her husband Dr Hans Bergstrom will officially open Internationella Engelska Skolan Lund on Friday 23th August. Invitations has been sent to all students and parents and more information will follow in early August.

From the Principal

Summertime is here!

This week has been filled with end of school activities. My daughter "graduated" from pre-school and will start year one after the summer. My former students at Carl Adolph Agardhgymnasiet are graduating today and Lund is filled with happy young people and at IES we are working hard with the preparations for the coming term and the opening of IES Lund. We have completed our staff recruitment and I am happy to welcome Ms. Liz Tumber from UK to our school. Together with Ms. Teri Sundin, Mr. Michael Neppelberg and Mrs. Hanna Ekstrand they will form a strong teaching team ready to welcome you in August.